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       Because you are an important customer, you have the one time opportunity right now to upgrade to the Maximum Leverage System.

      It includes a 7-day trial as a member of the "Maximum Leverage Inner Circle" family for only $2.95 - this is for the serious home business marketer ONLY:



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      If you love being a member of the family, simply do nothing and after your first 7 days and you'll lock in your discounted monthly tuition at just a low $6.57 per day (less than a meal at McDonalds) or just $197 per month thereafter (Remember there are no long term obligations  or contracts. You can cancel at any time, we'll delete your account, and you'll owe nothing more.)

Here's What's Included In Your 98.5% Off 7 Day Trial Membership: The Complete 12 Module 24+ Hour Online Multimedia Home Study Course other's paid $1,191.oo for. Here's what's inside the . . .

"Maximum Leverage System"

       In this one-of-a-kind training I spent over $327,000 developing, and others paid $1,191.00 to gain access to you'll discover:

  • Module One: The Maximum Leverage Master Plan "The $138,000 Per Month "Power of One" Plan Revealed" - 48 minutes
  • Module Two: The Free Traffic Magnet System "The Simple Step By Step Process To Massive Free Traffic For Life Without A Website" - 1 hour and 52 minutes
  • Module Three: Push Button Recruiting Secrets "How To Recruit At The Push Of A Button Revealed"- 1 hour and 43 minutes
  • Module Four: Your Own Online Real Estate Empire "Own Every Top Search Engine Spot For Whatever You Want Forever"- 1 hour and 7 minutes
  • Module Five: 80% Lead Capture Page Conversion Formula "The Scientifically Tested And Proven System To Converting 80% Or More Of Your Traffic Into Leads"- 1 hour and 19 minutes
  • Module Six: Idiot Proof Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing "My Simple Home Business PPC System For Getting As Many Dirt Cheap On Demand Leads As You Want!"- 1 hour and 49 minutes
  • Module Seven: Your Own Funded Proposal "How To Create Your Own 100% Profit Automated Recruiting Machine"- 1 hour and 22 minutes
  • Module Eight: Automatic Newsletter Profit And Instant Recruiting System "The Secret To Recruit Up 75 Per Ad With Simple Online Newsletters!" - 57 minutes
  • Module Nine: The Sonic Recruiting Blueprint "How To Recruit At The Speed Of Sound Without Even Being There" - 1 hour and 49 minutes
  • Module Ten: The Water Faucet Traffic System "Instantly Flood Your Business With $0.38 Lead In Less Than An Hour"- 33 minutes
  • Module Eleven: Home Business Banner Ad And Text Link Mastery "The Maximum Profit Banner Ad And Text Link System" - 41 minutes
  • Module Twelve: 60,000 Autopilot Leads Secret "Cracking The Code To Using CPA Networks To Drive Thousands Of Leads Per Day To Your Business" - 2 hour and 2 minutes

Plus these additional members ONLY benefits . . .

  • Member Benefit #1: The MLM Underground “What’s Working Now Monthly Interviews” ($39.97 per month value)

       You’ll be grandfathered into the MLM Underground interview of the month club. In this club, each and every month you’re a member of the inner circle I share with you private interviews I conduct with industry leaders and truly underground break out successes on exactly what’s working in their business so that . . .

        Both you and I can steal their scientifically tested and proven strategies and install them into our business for even higher levels of success. I do all the hard work and you reap all the rewards.

       This member benefit as a standalone as been a long standing service I’ve provided in the past and members have gladly paid $39.97 monthly for this component alone.

  • Member Benefit #2: The Midas Touch Ad Lab “The Ultimate Cheat-Sheet For Online Advertising Success That Produced Over $811,659 In Sales And 7,197 In Distributor Signups!“ ($97 per month value)

        This benefit is one of a kind (you'll find this no where else on planet earth) to our industry and the premise is simple.

       I go out and test ads by risking my own money and then I report back to you what works so that you can steal my result to use as your own ensuring you’re placing only profitable ads in your business without having to do any of the testing or taking on any risk yourself.

       This as a standalone has been a long running private resource I’ve run for the past two years and I’ve had 100s of people pay me $97 per month for this service alone without ever advertising it.

  • Member Benefit #3: Twice Monthly Live “Inner Circle” Webinar Trainings “I’m Going To Open My Computer Up And Show You Live Twice Monthly In A No Holds Barred Fashion Everything That’s Working For Me So You Can Steal It.” ($397 per month value)

       Really this is the most important benefit for you as a member of the inner circle.

       It’s one thing to tell a person what they should do, another to show them, but another thing entirely to open up your computer walk you step by step through exactly what’s working and be there to answer any and all of your question.

       Mentorship has been the reason I’ve had success myself. I, to this day, pay as much as $10,000 for a day of consulting on an almost annual basis, and it's always worth every single penny.

       Second, while conducting the live Maximum Leverage event, which members happily paid $1,191 for, I saw the power of live coaching and training first hand.

        After almost every single session I’d have attendees report back exceptional results like generating over 1000 leads in day, making $600 from one email, creating several new income streams within weeks, and the list goes on . . .

        I know for a fact that the reason for these results was the LIVE interactive training that was provided.

       I love doing it, it’s what I’m best at, and it’s the REAL reason I’ve created this insanely irresistible offer. To ethically bribe you into my inner circle so that I can be there each and every month live to share the unique perspective only a true mentor can provide.

       And as a result, help you make money, get out of your job, and finally become financially independent. In other words, I want your success story and I’m going be there to get it.

        I’ve never provided this level of training EXCEPT in the original “Maximum Leverage” closed door event, and each member paid $397 a month for it.

  • Member Benefit #5: The Ability To Generate Recurring Income Monthly (Value is infinite)

       I know you’ll be so excited with everything you receive as a member of the “Maximum Leverage Inner Circle” that you’ll naturally want to share this private club with others, and what I’ve decided to do is create a special private partner program where you will generate 50% recurring commissions ($98.50 per month) every month for each and every collegue you introduce.

       You introduce the “Maximum Leverage Inner Circle” to just two people and you’re membership is free.

        You invite 10 people and you’ve got a nice healthy $1,000 passive recurring income stream coming to you each and every month.

        You’ll receive either a check or paypal payment each and every week for those you introduce. Being a member of the Inner Circle, won’t cost you a dime, it’ll become a new profit center in your business.

        This program is ONLY available to members who join. If you’re not a member enjoying the benefits how can you ethically share that excitement with others?

  • Plus a more than a few surprises I'll let you experience for yourself once you're on the inside . . .

       Quite simply the information in this advanced training is NOT for everyone. This upgrade is ONLY for the most serious of entrepreneurs who expect to earn upwards of an additional $120,000+ monthly in their online home businesses and/or grow an organization in their primary home business at a rate of 50 or more people monthly.

       Because of the very special one time only nature of this offer you won't pay anything near the original price for your 7-day trial as a member of the Inner Circle family.

       Instead of paying the retail $197.00 for your first month as a member of the Inner Circle family, you can gain instant access to everything for Only $2.95.



Click Here Now To Take Advantage Of This Special One Time Offer

      If you love being a member of the family, simply do nothing and after your first 7 days and you'll lock in your discounted monthly tuition at just a low $6.57 per day (less than a meal at McDonalds) or just $197 per month thereafter (Remember there are no long term obligations  or contracts. You can cancel at any time, we'll delete your account, and you'll owe nothing more.)

"I've Been Able To Make OVER $1,000,000 With My Best Month Yet Being $106,000+ . . ."

   Hey Daegan,

   Jonathan Budd here. And look man... All I can seriously say about the strategies you're giving away is that they are UNBELIEVABLE.

   I seriously had no idea my life would change this way when I started implementing these strategies.

   I mean... I always believed in myself, and always believed I'd be able to create success... but I had NO IDEA it could come this fast with these methods.

   Literally, in less than 2 years since I've started building my business this way, I've been able to make OVER $1,000,000. With my best month yet being $106,000+.

   I'm 24 years old... and still am in SHOCK at how 'Potent' what you teach really is. It's just amazing... and all I can say to anyone looking at this is GET YOURSELF ON THIS PATH NOW.

    What you'll learn from Daegan will open doors for you you didn't know existed.

   Thanks my friend! I owe you big time...

   Your Friend,

-Jonathan Budd, California USA

"This System Has Allowed Me to Generate A Database Of Thousands Of Super-Red-Hot Leads, $10,738 In Cash For My Primary Business And I Purchased A New Car"

   Forget the home & hotel meetings. Stop buying generic leads from lead companies before you spend yourself right out of your business. Power Prospecting System is a dream come true for all network marketers.

   This system has allowed me to generate a data base of thousands of super-red-hot leads, $10,738 in Cash for my primary business and I purchased a New Car.


   How's that for results? The step by step marketing training this system provides is a must for any network marketer who wants to become a success.

   The Network Marketers who learn how to use the Internet & Technology will be Light Years a head of the other 97% who are failing. This system is a system all network marketers must use if they want to see any success in their business.

-Joe LoBalsamo New York, USA

Read What Others Have To Say . . .

“This Would Be Worth $1000 A Month
If You Charged It . . . ”

       I took 2 pages of notes and swear that I will be listening to this call 10 times in the next month and implementing everything you went through. I’ve been in M'LM for 4 years and you give the best marketing training ever. Period!...

       Your training would be worth $1000 a month if you charged it!

- Gregg Davison

“Paid $20,000 Cash For My New Car
Because Of This . . .”

       A year back I went to a car showroom to buy a car approx $5000 and was not able to buy it as my bank never approved me of the loan.

       Tomorrow EXACTLY ONE YEAR from that day I am buying a car worth $20,000 CASH! And it all happened because of your help.

       As of now today I am one of the biggest names in India and my team has just crossed 9,000 people and I will say this is just the beginning.

       Of course eyes are on the horizon . . .

- Ankur Agrawal

“Over 900 leads, 22 signups, and I've made around $2,500 dollars!”

       I've been using your system for about three months now and I've already generated over 900 leads, 22 signups for my main business and I've made around $2,500 dollars.

       What really has me jumping out of my chair though is that I have spent very little in marketing thanks to your training that you provide. I wish your system was around 2 years ago I would of saved a fortune in wasting marketing efforts.

- Shane Woods

“I Raised $5000 And Doubled My
Team Members To 637 Within 4 Weeks.”

       Daegan's formula Works! This is by far the most complete and usable strategies that I have ever come across.

       Using the Formula, I now have my very own lead generating machine that are able to sign up new members automatically. 8-12 new members are joining me every single day and I am only 6 months into my business.

       Thanks Daegan for YOUR leadership and the good you bring to this industry.

- Jaz Lai

“Over 25 Enrollments In The Last 4 Days Alone”

       "Excellent information! I have had over 25 enrollments in the last 4 days alone. I am putting into practice the things I am learning. I expect to be swimming in people within the next week!"

- Brian Thomas


       “Unbelievable!”.. You can quickly TRIPLE(3x) the size of your organization with a worldwide reach in less than a 3 months period with these same online strategies.

       The best part is that you and your downlines will never need to call a single lead and do a single face to face presentation ever again! applying just 1 of the strategies, In my first 48 hours, the team size grew to 102 people. And now, months later, I have in access of over 1000+ members!

- Patrick See

“Anything that Daegan says…LISTEN TOO.”

       Anything that Daegan says…LISTEN TOO. It’s coming from his heart, and he truly cares about what he does in this industry.

       The tactics and strategies he teaches have been responsible for me growing my business into 4 countries and across 9 U.S states in less then 6 months. And I have a high ticket business, it’s not something you just sign up for cause your bored. Thanks for being you Daegan.

       Your an inspiration and support to this whole industry, and community.

- Jonathan Budd

“Never Had This Kind Of Success Before!”

       I was probably the most skeptical person you could ever imagine when you said you were able to build your business by over 250 in less than 2 months.

       I've NEVER had that kind of success before, ever, with this kind of business! So I thought you were full of crap.

       However, I decided to give it a "shot" because you said it would work.

       I sponsored over 100 people in three weeks in my business, AND it grew to nearly DOUBLE that size by the forth week!

       I don't know how you came up with it, and I'm seriously not sure why you're willing to share this, but I'm thankful that you have. I honestly don't believe I'd be where I am today if it wasn't for you!

       Thanks a million!

-Jason Gazaway

“Signups to my splash page have increased by over 200%”

       Before this course I was averaging about 10-15 visitors a day to my website. Implementing just 1 of his techniques and my traffic has quadrupled to over 50-75 per day. Signups to my splash page have increased by over 200%....and that just using one of the techniques.

       I've been looking for a "system" that I can plug my team into and feel confident that they will receive info that will produce results. Traffic Oasis to Prostep...Perry Marshall to Mike Dillard....I've tried them all...Your techniques produce results. I have recommended your product to my newsletter subscribers and without hesitation would recommend it to my Isagenix team.

       I don't know how you came up with it, and I'm seriously not sure why you're willing to share this, but I'm thankful that you have. I honestly don't believe I'd be where I am today if it wasn't for you!

- Theresa Johnson

“Thank God For You!”

       I am new to network marketing, and almost zilch on online marketing.

I got in some affiliate's websites and did not get anywhere, because I did not know what I was doing. I dove in without knowing how to swim!

       Your course has so much info that I did not know about and am now reading every day to soak it all in.

        Thank you and I thank God for putting you in my path to success.

       To your success,

- Mauri Yamaguchi

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