This Is So Unorthodox, It Will Go Against Everything 
You Thought You Knew About Selling Online.
Attention Marketers: If You Sell Anything Over $2,000, This Is The Most Important Interview You’ll Ever Watch.
“In A Hype Filled Industry Full Of Empty Promises, Weak Sauce Offers, Rehashed Sales Processes, Guru Circle Jerking And ‘Fake It 'Til You Make It Fanboy’ Bullshit … Underground Marketer & Closing Jedi Shares The Next Big Thing (The Evolution) In High Ticket Selling”
The Old Way (Skills Required): You master the art of high pressure sales, Overcome Objections, deal with constant rejection because no-one is qualified, Create Phone Scripts, hire a sales team, Constantly Follow Up, being aggressive and pushy, Using NLP Tactics To Close The Sale, rapport building, Mirroring Their Tonality And Excitement, and on and on and on...
The New Way (Process): Your Clients Sell You On Why You Should Accept Them.
Inside: We’ll Reveal 3 Simple Words That Will Magically Transform Your High Ticket Business Forever.
“This is by FAR the best and most counter-intuitive way to sell premium products. After adding this sales process to my funnel, I literally paid off my house.” 
Daegan Smith
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